Pin Board & Magnet Board


  • Pin Board with the double decorative surfaces. The pictures can be pinned onto the cork & linen cloth surface with push pins or hold on the white metal sheet with magnets.
  • Simple modern frame made of solid oak.
  • Included in the package are white magnets (5 pieces), push pins with white plastic head (5 pieces) and screws for optimal fixation.

Canvas Stretchers


Canvas Stretchers are made of hard wood. The ends of stretcher bars are specially machined to fit together into movable joint. This connection allows retensioning of stretched canvas by the wedges, which are stacked into the frame joints.

Frames with Twine Net

  • wood clothespins for hanging photos
  • with one small image
  • round plastic hangers in the backside of the frame

Adhesive Laminating of Posters and Artprints

  • Simple framing on the MDF board


  • Engraving on the frame visually brings the logo, text or idea in the foreground.


  • Mounts with bevelled apertures support visual appearance and depth of picture inside the frame.

Framed Mirrors

  • Framed Mirrors available in Aluminium Frames, Plastic Frames or Wood Frames