Natural Hay Frames


Our Eco-Line: Climate neutral, covered with species-rich and fine fragrant alpine hay


For this surface of a unique authentic scent of nature Organoid Technologies use hand-cut alpine hay growing at the altitudes of 1,700 m on the hillsides of the Wildspitze, the highest mountain in Tirol. The sunny hillsides provide the best conditions for the growth of species-rich and fragrant alpine grass.

So that the grass can dry to good-smelling loose hay, the farmers utilize their great knowledge of the wind and weather, gained by more generations. In addition, they need well sharpened scythes, endurance; and to be in good shape for working in a steep terrain.

After cutting, the grass is left loose on the meadows for 1 or 2 days, respecting the temperature and wind. During that time it is turned over and shaken up for several times. When it is “at ease”, farmers carry it down on their backs into the valley. Then, it is delivered to our workshop where we make the picture frames that bring the nature into living areas.